Dev Setup Now on GitHub!

I've published development environment instructions and automated setup scripts on GitHub.



Setting up a new developer machine can be an ad-hoc, manual, and time-consuming process. This repo aims to simplify the process with easy-to-understand instructions and dotfiles/scripts thatautomate the setup of:

  • OS X updates and Xcode Command Line Tools
  • OS X defaults geared towards developers
  • Developer tools: Vim, bash, tab completion, curl, git, GNU core utils, Python, Ruby, etc
  • Developer apps: iTerm2, Sublime Text, Atom, VirtualBox, Vagrant, Docker, Chrome, etc
  • Python data analysis: IPython Notebook, NumPy, Pandas, Scikit-Learn, Matplotlib, etc
  • Big Data platforms: Spark (with IPython Notebook integration) and MapReduce
  • Cloud services: Amazon Web Services (Boto, AWS CLI, S3cmd, etc) and Heroku
  • Common data stores: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, and Elasticsearch
  • Javascript web development: Node.js, JSHint, and Less
  • Android development: Java, Android SDK, Android Studio, IntelliJ IDEA
You can also automate the process by running a single setup script to install and configure specified sections.