R Hands-On Tutorials with Swirl

Coming from a Python data analysis background with SciPy, I have always been curious about R.


I decided to check out R and found a handy R package swirl. Swirl "teaches you R programming and data science interactively, at your own pace, and right in the R console".

Installing Swirl from CRAN

The easiest way to install and run swirl is by typing the following commands in the R console:



Swirl comes with interactive lessons for the following R topics:

  • Basic Building Blocks
  • Sequences of Numbers
  • Vectors
  • Missing Values
  • Subsetting Vectors
  • Matrices and Data Frames
  • Logic
  • lapply and sapply
  • vapply and tapply
  • Looking at Data
  • Simulation
  • Dates and Times

You can also install the lessons described below from their GitHub repo.

Beginner Lessons

  • R Programming: The basics of programming in R
  • Data Analysis: Basic ideas in statistics and data visualization
  • Mathematical Biostatistics Boot Camp: One- and two-sample t-tests, power, and sample size
  • Open Intro: A very basic introduction to statistics, data analysis, and data visualization

Intermediate Lessons

  • Regression Models: The basics of regression modeling in R
  • Getting and Cleaning Data: dplyr, tidyr, lubridate

Advanced Lessons

  • Statistical Inference: Introduces the student to basic concepts of statistical inference including probability, hypothesis testing, confidence intervals and p-values. It concludes with an initiation to topics of particular relevance to big data, issues of multiple testing and resampling.

Installing Additional Lessons

install_from_swirl("Course Name Here")

Swirl in R Studio

Below is an output of the "Dates and Times" lesson: