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I've published SAWS: A Supercharged AWS Command Line Interface (CLI) on GitHub.


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Although the AWS CLI is a great resource to manage your AWS-powered services, it's tough to remember usage of:
  • 50+ top-level commands
  • ~1400 subcommands
  • Countless command-specific options
  • Resources such as instance tags and buckets

SAWS: A Supercharged AWS CLI

SAWS aims to supercharge the AWS CLI with features focusing on:
  • Improving ease-of-use
  • Increasing productivity
Under the hood, SAWS is powered by the AWS CLI and supports the same commands and command structure.

SAWS and AWS CLI Usage:

aws command subcommand [parameters] [options]
SAWS Features:
  • Auto-completion of:
    • Commands
    • Subcommands
    • Options
  • Auto-completion of resources:
  • Syntax and output highlighting
  • Customizable shortcuts
  • Contextual help
SAWS is available for Mac, *nix, and Windows.