Talk Data to Me: Tableau 2014 Conference

Below are personal actions I've identified to tackle for the remainder of 2014 and continue into 2015.

Action: Start a Blog

I've found the best way for me to learn is through hands-on exploration followed by teaching. Expressing complex technical material in an easily digestible form is challenging for anyone. I feel blogging would allow me to further hone my communication skills and would give me a deeper understanding on topics covered.

Action: Actively Participate in a Data Science Network

I learned as much from the people I met during the conference as the sessions and keynotes. Actively participating in a data science network would provide a constant infusion of knowledge throughout the year.

Action: Tie Every Analysis to an Actionable Business Decision

Unless metrics are actionable, one can argue they are merely vanity metrics. I've sometimes reviewed (and I'll admit--even authored) an analysis that looked cool but failed to tie into an actionable business decision. It's easy to track too many "Key Performance Indicators" and get swamped in a deluge of metrics.